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“I wish selected monks would end posing as saviors of women. What arrogance. Adult males will not be my saviors.”

Not transmission for every se — just the idealizations/myhts/woo-woo/”specialness” that custom and communities ascribe to it.

Again, within our method of justice unsubstantiated allegations are merely that: allegations which have no merit Until They can be backed up by lawfully set up info. By you stating that allegations keep on being allegations “until finally one other side admits Mistaken performing”, appear on, you’re yelling fire in the crowded theater, which isn't a constitutionally secured appropriate. You’re assuming anyone’s guilt suitable off the bat, when in fact They can be innocent until eventually lawful details are set up that demonstrate usually.

I'm utterly grateful for your personal revelations, the deep reflections provided, the understanding shared about abused Women of all ages (and Males), about their disgrace, their frequently unconscious motivations, their vulnerablity as well as very long-lasting injury on believe in (on this planet, in the opposite, in interactions), self-esteem, personalized ability and expansion. What I would like to include and emphasize may be the structural unequality of force (sorry, I'm missing the exact terminus) in the connection involving teacher and college student. For my part this truth is undoubtedly underestimated, and also the damage, if spirituality is available in through a spiritual teacher, is even larger as also the attraction and longing to uncover greatest launch, enable, liberty is bigger than in secular contexts (at least, it really is such as this in Germany). – Concluding I would want to question which Protected spaces might be supplied, as a pure issue, that college students can open up by themselves and express their confusion, their fright, their grievance, without the need of remaining reprimanded for not remaining in accordance Along with the norms/precepts of the group/Sangha.

Hello haha, I’m unsure since MSEA has begin to slow down termendously inside their add patch updates. Anytime there is a massive patch taking place or certain major situations, You will find a superior probability they unlock the locked lessons for a brief length just before locking them again, or whenever they launched a new task.

As for that “guru bug”, I feel books similar to the a person I discussed right before (“The Guru Papers” — for more online excerpts see ) can be important. We even have a lot of other sources of data and pertinent Evaluation, like:

When lecturers who behave in this way may possibly technically offer Zen, It's not at all a wholesome exercise and the cumulative outcomes are unacceptable and incompatible with Zen awakening. As a Neighborhood, I believe we have to say so, and we need to offer specific schooling to sanghas and sangha associates to stop and handle this unwholesome accompaniment to Zen educating.

He doesn’t recognize light-weight and darkness; To put it differently, he doesn’t know very well what is meant by “enlightenment” or what is supposed because of the “lack of enlightenment”; he doesn’t know very get more info well what is supposed by “ignorance” and what's intended by “accurate understanding.”…

I really are unable to feel what I'm examining below. You happen to be totally mistaken in the assertion that each one passionate involvement involving a “member of clergy” and also a “congregant” is unethical. Or illegal. I can't overstress how totally Mistaken that you are in this make a difference.

agreed, Buddy. I posted some thing in the main discussion that questioned a question a girl friend questioned (she’s a doctor and dharma practitioner handling cancer everyday living and Demise everyday) particularly, is there any way eros amongst student and Trainer may be expressed in a means that causes no harm in any direction. For me, When the eros is expressed sexually, I don’t see it remaining ‘harmless’ due to obvious power differential.

Yes, the Trainer is simply the facilitator that can help transfer techniques after which you can move away when the student finds her personal feet.

Yikes, many passion there, but as the Buddha taught, violence will not likely finish violence. I would love women to learn that they weren't born to you should or comfort Zen Masters, they had been born to be Zen Masters.

This transpires being exactly what sure men and women are occupied undertaking all over the web, to the flimsiest of excuses. The interesting detail is how nicely this tactic normally functions. Until finally another person questions it.

Abuse is abuse. Although not each individual intimate marriage between a “member of clergy” and a “congregant” is abuse. It would be wrong to make all such interactions unlawful. Never to mention that something during the Joshu Sasaki situation Seems romantic during the the very least.

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